Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Er. Sumit Rout shared some information related to railway lines in Kalahandi

Note: The information was obtained from personal source of Er. Sumit Rout. Our sincere thanks to him for sharing with us.

(1.1) The survey of new railway line between Titlagarh & Junagarh is a bye-passing line from Norla Road (Extension) towards the C- shape curve (between Lanjigarh Road & G. Ramchandrapur section) of 6 KM only.
(1.2) The new cut-section is only for those trains which will not go Lanjigarh Road Railway Station because to reduce the 30 minutes, which is a waste to rotate the Engine from front to back & back to front.
(1.3) These benifits will get to Superfast & Express trains like Ispath Express, which will run in this route : Titlagarh - Kesinga - Kandel Road - Rupra Road - Norla Road - G. Ramchandrapur - Depur - Bhawanipatna - Kutrumukar - Junagarh.
(2.1) Engine trail between Bhawanipatna - Junagarh section will be upto march end.
(2.2) CRS Inspection will be done with in next 3 months of Bhawanipatna - Junagarh section (after the Completion Engine Trail Process) after that Bhubaneswar - Bhawanipatna Link Express will run, likely uby July/August, till Junagarh.
(3) Sikrapai - Jagsalpatri - Junagarh new survey Railway line is of Western Railway in the state of Gujrat.
(4) The Survey Report & Estimated Cost Report of Junagarh - Bhadrachalam Road & Kantabanji - Jeypore new railway line is covering in 8 Dists. (Balangir, Nuapada, Kalahandi, Nabrangpur, Koraput, Malkangiri, Sukma & Khammam) of 3 states (Odisha, Chatisgarh & Andhra Pradesh) will be submited to Railway Board by East Coast Railway by 31st march 2013.
(5.1) The route for Junagarh - Bhadrachalam New Railway Line in the state of Odisha, Chhattisgarh & Andhra Pradesh is :
Junagarh - Maechalla - Moter - Koksara - Ambapani Junction - Paprahandi - Nabrangpur - Boriguma - Jeypore Junction - Boipariguda - Govindapalli - Pangam - Malkangiri - Kalimela - Motu - Konta (C.G.) - Bhadrachalam Town (A.P.) - Bhadrachalam Road Junction (A.P.).
(5.2) The route for Kantabanji - Jeypore New Railway Line in the state of Odisha is :
Kantabanji - Raj Khariar - Dharmagarh - Ambapani Junction (at Ambapani Junction it will be joining  Junagarh - Bhadrachalam Road Railway Line).
(6) Approx. Construction Status :
(6.1) 600 Meter Long Concrete Lifting Grider Bridge over River Hati between Junagarh & Maechalla Railway Station in Kalahandi Dist.,
(6.2) U & C- shape curve turn without any tunnel in Ambapani Mountains, Kalahandi Dist.,
(6.3) 700 Meter Long Concrete Lifting Grider Bridge over River Indravati between Nabrangpur & Boriguma Railway Station in Nabrangpur & Koraput Dist.,
(6.4) U & C- shape curve turn with 4 tunnels in Govindapali Mountains, Malkangiri Dist.,
(6.5) 1.5 km Long Steel Lifting Grider Bridge over River Sabari between Motu & Konta Railway Station in Malkangiri & Sukma Dist. of Odisha & Chatisgarh under South Central Railway &
(6.6) 2 km Long Steel Lifting Grider Bridge over River Godavari between Bhadrachalam Road & Bhadrachalam Town Railway Station in Khammam Dist. of Andhra Pradesh under South Central Railway.
(7) Route Divide in Zones & Divisions :
(7.1) SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY, Secundrabad Division :
Malkangiri (Extention) to Bhadhrachalam Road (Extention) Section
(7.2) EAST COAST RAILWAY, Waltair Division :
Malkangiri (Intention) to Jeypore (Extension) & Jeypore (Extension) to Nabrangpur (Intention) Section;
(7.3) EAST COAST RAILWAY, Sambalpur Division :
Nabrangpur (Extention) to Ambapani (Extention), Ambapni (Intention) to Junagarh (Extention) & Ambapani (Extention) to Kantabanji (Extention) Section.

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