Saturday, May 17, 2008

Preventive measures for flood being planned in Kalahandi

The Statesman, 17th May, 2008

Strategies were drawn up to meet eventualities of flood and epidemics in the coming rainy season in Kalahandi, during the district-level natural calamity meeting held yesterday. Early repair of the weak spots in the river embankments and spurs which may cause problem were given special preference. Members of the committee opined that breaches caused to several pockets under Kalahampur, Jaipatna and Junagarh blocks in the Hati river banks and Bhawanipatna, Kesinga and Karlamunda blocks in the Tel river banks during previous year’s flood could not be completely restored causing sand cast during flood situation. It was directed to concerned irrigation authorities for any repair and restoration of such breaches and weak points early. It was decided for storage of 2,800 quintals of rice and 8,800 litres of kerosene under public distribution system in 14 strategic pockets under Thuamul Rampur , Lanjigarh, Golamunda and Bhawanipatna blocks of the district to meet requirement of people during rainy season. It was also decided in the meeting for storage of diarrhoea, malaria and snakebite medicines in different health centres.The meeting was chaired by the district collector. Among others Lok Sabha member Mr Bikram Keshari Deo, labour and employment minister Mr Pradeep Kumar Naik, MLA Mr Bala-bhadra Majhi, panchayat samiti presidents and district officials participated in the meeting.

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