Sunday, March 29, 2009

Candidates queue up to file nominations in K’handi

The Pioneer, March 29, 2009
PNS | Bhawanipatna

With the general elections approaching fast, party candidates and independents have started queuing up to file their nomination papers in Kalahandi district.

Two candidates filed their nomination papers for Bhawanipatna Assembly seat, which has been reserved for Scheduled Caste (SC), on Friday. Pradipta Kumar Naik, who was a sitting MLA of the BJP, filed his nomination this time too on the party ticket at the office of Bhawanipatna sub-collector. Another candidate Ramani Dora from Samrudha Odisha also filed his nomination for this constituency.

For Junagarh Assembly seat (general), four candidates, Chintamani Bag from Lok Jansakti Party (LJP), Bamdev Durga from Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Satya Behera from Samrudhha Odisha and Panchanana Dhangda Majhi from Republican Party of India (RPI), reportedly filed nomination papers at the office of Dharmagarh sub-collector.

Similarly, three candidates, Janardan Panda from BJP, Hira Bag from Samrudha Odisha and Kalyani Naik from BSP filed their nominations for Dharmagarh Assembly seat. One independent candidate Dambrudhar Sunani filed his nomination for one Parliamentary seat here.


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“BSP the only alternative to Congress, BJP”
Party to build an equitable society


Bhagalpur: Uttrar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati said here on Sunday that the Bahujan Samaj Party was committed to building an “equitable” society and the party was the only alternative to the Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party, whose “policies are influenced by big houses and brokers.”

Launching the BSP’s campaign for the Lok Sabha polls in Bihar at Sandis ground here, she alleged that both the Congress and the BJP had “grabbed power on the support of big industrial players and brokers and ruined the country during their stints in power.”
Well-being of all castes

“The country’s economy will never improve if its policies are being influenced by big houses and brokers,” the BSP leader said. She claimed the current economic slowdown and price rise were result of the policies followed by the Congress or the BJP-led governments and promised that she would pursue the policies which would uplift all sections the population. Ms. Mayawati said her party would ensure reservations for the well-being of all castes without being confined to the SC/STs’ interests alone.

“It is high time the BSP should come to power at the Centre,” she said, claiming that the Opposition parties were worried because of the BSP’s “clean, fair image and performance.”

“The BSP is the only party in the country which believes in doing and not just making promises which is evident from the work being done by it in Uttar Pradesh,” Ms. Mayawati said. She alleged the rival parties had done nothing for upper castes, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and minorities, but during elections they would try to mislead them by announcing a plethora of schemes.

She was canvassing support for her party’s nominees, including Ajit Sharma (Bhagalpur), M.K. Singh (Banka), Navin Shastri (Munger), Bhagwan Das (Jamui), Madan Mohan Nishadh (Katihar), Asarfi Paswan (Khagaria), Navin Kumar Singh (Purnia), Kuber Alam (Kishanganj), in Bihar’s Bhagalpur, Kosi and Purnia divisions.

Expressing concern over large-scale migration of youths to other States in search of jobs, she said if BSP was voted to power, it would formulate a policy guaranteeing jobs to the unemployed in their respective States. — PTI
Mayawati big enough to drive choices

With States emerging as the principal battleground,Mayawati's political charisma has shifted to a higher level-THREE BASKETS STUDY CIRCLE

How they stack up

Mayawati Manmohan Singh L K Advani

Strong Leadership 100 35 30

Honesty 100 30 25

Trustworthiness 100 20 0

In an image driven world, this Lok Sabha election stands out in that it is dominated one personality. Mayawati is the transformative figure such as U.S. President Barack Obama — Manmohan Singh and L K Advani is not even equivalent to Tony Blair, Mahathir Mohamad, Hugo Chavez or Sheikh Hasina around whom votes crystallise. A look at the popularity chart of the our leaders over the last decade reveals that the single exception to this was Mayawati who emerged as a national leader.
Same question

The figures are drawn from various surveys conducted by the THREE BASKETS STUDY CIRCLE. The surveys have always asked the same open-ended question (“Who would you like to be the Prime Minister of the country?”) to a representative national sample of respondents without offering any choices. About one-sixth of the respondents offered only Mayawati as a preference.

The latest such survey, the THREE BASKETS STUDY CIRCLE poll, was carried out in mid-January this year. It showed that only single leader enjoyed even 100 per cent support of the citizens for the Prime Minister’s position. Manmohan Singh at 12 per cent and Lal Krishna Advani at 10 per cent.
Other leaders

Other leaders who secured the support of at least one per cent or more were: Sharad Pawar (1.0),Lalu Prasad (0.9), Nitish Kumar (0.8).

If asked directly to choose the ‘best leader’ for the country from among Ms. Mayawati, Manmohan Singh and Mr. Advani, 80 per cent prefer Ms. Mayawati, Manmohan Singh 13 per cent,Mr. Advani at seven per cent.

When asked to compare certain attributes of these leaders,Ms. Mayawati was rated highest for being a strong leader, honest and trustworthiness leader .

These findings would disappoint Mr. Manmohan Singh and Mr. Advani.

They face a challenge from within their parties including their allies whose national rating stands at less than one per cent.

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