Sunday, February 16, 2014

4th Century Relics Unearthed

The New Indian Express (Bhubaneswar), Feb 16, 2014
Published: 16th February 2014 09:56 AM
Last Updated: 16th February 2014 09:56 AM
Rich archaeological remains belonging to the period from 4th century to 5th century AD have been unearthed in Budhigarh of Kalahandi district.
A team of archeologists and historians started excavation at the site in the first week of this month. The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) had last year allowed excavation in Budhigarh which was carried out by Baba Mishra, head of history department of Government Autonomous College here and his team of archeologists and historians.
"This was a preliminary excavation which was conducted within one km radius of Budhigarh site. A full-fledged excavation would be done soon," said Mishra.
Budhigarh site is situated on the left bank of river Rahul and considered important due to its strategic location over the 'Salt Route' from Central India to Kalinga. It was also considered an important early urban centre.
From the excavation, bone points, microlithic celts, terracotta human and animal heads, smoking pipe, lamp, potteries, spinning wheel, bangles and terracotta beads among other things were unearthed. Mishra said the antiquities available from Budhigarh make startling revelation pertaining to its industrial and commercial set up as well as its long distance trade.
"Remaining portion of the ruins extends upto one km radius from the site that was dug up. It will be excavated around April or May. Excavations would reveal the commercial links of this region to outside world," Mishra said.
During the recent excavation, the archeologists and historians also conducted a survey of the local area and documented the ethno-medicines available there. Prior excavations at the site had unearthed antiquities like potteries, knobbed wares of fine texture, terracotta figures of animals, human heads, smoking pipe of different designs, semi-precious stone beads, pendants, copper bangles, ivory combs, copper and iron objects.
Copper bowls, fragments of iron bowls, glass beads, punch marked silver coin of the pre-Maurya to post-Maurya period, gold coins, fragments of sword, knife and spear, tiles and bricks had also been found.
 Historians said in Tel river valley, particularly in Kalahandi, several early urban centres like Asurgarh and Budhigarh existed and in the Kalahandi-Balangir border, there was Khaligarh urban centre.

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