Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Drive to Include New Voters Launched

The New Indian Express (Bhubaneswar), March 11, 2014
As per the direction of the Chief Electoral Officer, the district administration on Sunday held a campaign to enrol the left out voters in the electoral rolls through Form-6.
According to official records, 3,030 voters were added to the list in two sub-divisions of the district. Out of them, 2,653 voters were added in the list in Bhawanipatna sub-division including 1,469 from Bhawanipatna Municipality area while 375 voters were added in Dharamgarh sub-division.
The low turnout in Dharamgarh sub-division was attributed to non-availability of Form-6. While xerox copies of the Form were used in the urban areas, the interior areas had no such facility to meet the voters’ demand.
Besides, it is alleged that anganwadi workers manned the booths as booth level officers and most of the booths were opened in the afternoon.
Prior to the addition, the number of voters in Kalahandi Parliament constituency was 14.65 lakh. The new entrants in the electoral polls will be included in the final publication list and will be eligible to cast vote.
There are 1,301 booths in the district and 1,890 booths in the Kalahandi Parliamentary constituency.
The Parliamentary constituency has seven Assembly segments. Those are Nuapada and Khariar of Nuapada district and Lanjigarh (ST), Junagarh, Dharamgarh, Bhawanipatna (SC) and Narla of Kalahandi district.

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