Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Congratulatory Message for Arka Keshari Deo !

When I saw Arka Keshari Deo babu in few news report, I found he is young but realised his body language needs to be improved to be a good politician for long run. Frankly, he is not alone, there are many other elected MLAs in Kalahandi who are even worst except Dibya Shankar Mishra babu. Some of the BJD MLAs even do not respond if you bring an issue related to Kalahandi and afraid to even talk to Naveen Patnaik, such MLAs are like a slave of individual than a leader of a constituency or party. They should learn from Damodar Rout how to be a leader even without making Naveen Patnaik upset. However, I felt Arka has a very positive sign and he is eager to learn unlike many others. Nothing wrong in learning new things in politics. Today everything is scrutinized, even how many debate you participate in the parliament. If someone wish to be a long time politician, it is better to do some good visible work in the initial phase. Arka babu should be advised by his supporters to be aggressive in the parliament raising different issues. Both Bhakta babu and late Bikram babu impressed Odisha assembly during their first term as MLA and could stay longer where many of our elected member from Kalahandi could not do. Public perception is very important in politics. Even in royal family of Kalahandi, Udit Pratap Deo babu could not achieve what Bikram babu could achieve in politics, because Udit babu rarely was spontaneous with people. Arka should learn this lesson, secondly he should add some aggressiveness and boldness just like Bhakta babu and Dibya Shankar Mishra babu. It is important to be vocal and strong in the parliament on issues related to Kalahandi. I recall when late Bikram babu was strongly fighting issues like survey for Junagarh-Ambaguda rail line and Khariar-Jeypore rail lines, Central University, National Highways 201 and 217 etc during UPA I in the parliament. We also saw Bhakta babu strongly fighting for Wagon factory, IIT/central university, NH, Vedanta issue etc. during UPA 2 in the parliament. It is not good to be a nice boy in the parliament rather debating issues rationally. Issue may not always necessarily be of Kalahandi, Bikram babu's one of the favorite debate was foreign policy, Bhakta babu's was environment, poverty, food security etc, PK Deo's was Lokpal, etc etc. I wish Arka babu builds himself as a great politician and put Kalahandia mark in the national level, at the same time he works something good for his constituency.

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