Saturday, May 31, 2014

Letter to PM Sri Modi: Proposal for BHU branch in Puri and NRU in Kalahandi

Dear Honorable Prime Minister Sri Modi,
At first let me congratulate you heartily for the grand election success for BJP and alliance under your able leadership. This happened first time in Indian history for a non-congress party and first time since last 30 years for any political party. 

I am also very thankful to you for including a very able and committed tribal leader like Sri Jual Oram from western Odisha in your cabinet. Another Odia leader Sri Dharmendra Pradhan found a place in your cabinet as a upper house MP from Bihar. This shows your party's great affection towards Odisha and Odia, unlike the previous congress party during UPA-II which had not given a single minister position to the tribal and backward western bordering Odisha that had elected six congress MPs in 2009, one of them was a former chief minister and other one was a former union minister.

You have always touched the sentiments of all Odia people, when you equate your native birth place "Somnathdham" and "Jagannath Dham". Your spiritual attachment towards lord Jagannath and personal visit to Puri echo the sentiment of all Odia people, who consider lord Jagannath above all religion, caste, creed, etc and part of Odia living and culture. Therefore, despite having a popular CM as Sri Naveen Patnaik, you remained as most popular personal choice for PM in Odisha irrespective of electoral results.

1). In the past, previous UPA Govt. had proposed and established branches of Aligarh Muslim University in various other states that also focuses on Islamic studies along with other education. At the same time values of ancient Indian practice in human health and medicine are getting widely popular recently. For example, curcumin, an ingredient of turmeric or haldi, that is coincidentally of my scientific research interest is being realised to be substance that can help in curing cancer, Alzheimer disease etc, there are few reports such substance could lower high blood pressure, bad cholesterol and higher sugar level in human body. Many such ancient Indian practice has recently caught the imagination of modern scientists. 

One of the general sentiment of Odisha people that your Govt. should establish branches of Banaras Hindu University in char-dham in East (Puri), West (Dwaraka), South (Rameswaram) and North (Badrinath). Such institution will focus in advance learning, education and research using modern science and technology that are of relevance to ancient Indian wisdom, culture, scientific ideas, health and medicine to largely benefit human civilisation in today's world. Establishing such University branches in Puri, Dwaraka, Rameswaram and Badrinath will not only converge modern science, technology, medicine and theory with the ancient Indian practice that could be of high beneficial for today's world but also ancient Indian philosophy, humanities etc hidden in many different aspects of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc could be tapped through modern theories, philosophy, science and technology. 

2). Similarly, development of Bhawanipatna, centrally located in KBK-Kandhamal districts and also in South Western Odisha dominated by tribal, will impact economic growth of one of the most backward and tribal pocket in India. Central Govt. has already identified Bhawanipatna along with Bhubaneswar in Odisha under the program to improve socio-economic condition of urban poor.  I urge you to kindly include Bhawanipatna among 100 new cities proposed by your Govt. enabling with the latest in technology, infrastructure etc.

3). At the same time, a national rural university (a detailed proposal is attached for consideration) or institute of technology for rural development should be established in Kalahandi as justified in the attached proposal.

I hope you will sincerely consider these three cases and do the needful.

Thank you and with best regards

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