Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kalahandi Rivers in Spate

The New Indian Express, July 22, 2014
BHAWANIPATNA:  Torrential rain for the last three days has thrown normal life out of gear and led to flood in major rivers of Kalahandi district.
Till Monday morning, Thuamul Rampur block received highest rainfall of 405 mm followed by Kalampur with 255 mm, Jaipatna 221 mm, Koksara 129 mm, M Rampur 73 mm, Bhawanipatna 50 mm, Kesinga 64 mm, Karlamunda 63 mm and Narla 60 mm.
Due to heavy rain in its catchment areas, river Hati has been in spate. Water was flowing at a height of four feet on the bridge over the river on NH-26 near Junagarh. A group of 10 ‘Kawarias’, who had visited Shiva temple in Junagarh, could not return due to flooded bridge. After several hours of efforts, fire fighters rescued them.
Low lying areas and agricultural land in Matikhal, Jamguda, Biripur, Balichada villages of Kalampur block, Kutengaon, Palas, Bargaon, Talmala, Sahajkana and Mankadsola villages of Junagarh block have been inundated and road link to the villages has been cut off.
In the wake of rising water level of Hati and Tel, power generation from Indravati project has been stopped since Sunday night.
In Mangalpur barrage of Indravati irrigation system, one of the six gates has been opened and 30 cubic metre of water per second is being released to river Hati. Though water level of Indravati reservoir is steadily increasing, it is much below the danger mark. The dead level and top water level of the reservoir are 613 metres and 642 metres respectively. On Monday, the reservoir’s water level stood at 630.17 metre.
Road networks in rural pockets of Thuamul Rampur, Kalampur, Jaipatna, Dharamgarh and Junagarh have been disrupted at many places due to breaches.
Water level of river Tel is rising menacingly near Nandol, Turkel and Belkhandi. Although no flood alert has been issued yet, water level of Udanti, Ret and Rahul rivers has been rising due to incessant rain. Block level officials have been put on alert to meet exigency.

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