Monday, August 11, 2014

Highest Rainfall in Five Years

The New Indian Express, Aug 11, 2014
BHAWANIPATNA: Kalahandi district recorded highest rainfall of 618.67 mm in July in the last five years. It was the third highest in the last 15 years. But the flood situation was not critical compared to earlier years.
In July 2009, the district received 911 mm and in 2006, 816 mm. The heavy rainfall had induced severe flood situation in almost all rivers running through Kalahandi.
During the month this year, maximum 1577 mm of rainfall was recorded in Thuamul Rampur block which is the originating place of Indravati and Nagabali rivers and major catchment area of Indravati project.
Besides, 698 mm of rainfall was recorded in Jaipatna, 619 mm in M Rampur, 614 mm in Bhawanipatna, 611 mm in Kesinga, 723 mm in Kalampur and 638 mm in Lanjigarh.
As many as 725 houses were damaged due to the flood in rivers Hati, Tel and their tributaries.
While highest 225 houses were damaged in Thuamul Rampur block, in Junagarh, Kalampur, Jaipatna, Bhawanipatna and Golmanda, 154, 136, 31 and 44 houses were damaged respectively.

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