Friday, August 7, 2015


The Pioneer, Aug 7, 2015
The Rath Yatra of Pipla in Dharamgarh block of Kalahandi district is rare in the sense that a very old tradition of taking the Lords in a basket instead of chariot is observed there since long.
Come Rath Yatra and the villagers of Pipla do not go for any chariot construction but keep a basket ready to carry the Lord to the Mausi Maa temple. During the return journey of the Lord, they too bring Him in a basket back to the Balaji temple at Junagarh.
The tradition began long ago when the people wanted to celebrate the Rath Yara.  But they were constrained to have a chariot which required much money. Undaunted, the villagers made ready a basket and carried the Lord in the basket with no less devotion and reverence. Then Junagarh was the kingdom of the princely State of Kalahandi. The Pipla villagers sought permission from the Balaji temple to have the Rath Yatra in the unique way which was granted. At that time there was no road from Junagarh to Pipla, which is 25 km away. So, the people decided to carry the Lord in a basket covering the distance on foot.

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