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Kalahandi Deveolpment Forum organized Dialogue on Development seminar

Orissadiary, Oct 17, 2015
Report by Odisha Diary bureau, Kalhandi: Kalahandi Deveopment Forum today organized it’s Kalanhandi Chapter of ‘Dialogue on Development’ to discuss with prominent citizens of the region in wake of a crisis facing Kalaahandi due to concerns over the dying down syndrome of development in the district which is pushing the region backward and into a crisis for future.

It is interesting to note that in the last few decades many sincere attempts and initiatives to bring about industrialization and development in Kalahandi have failed. To name a few, these are sugar mill at Bhawanipatna, Oil complex and chilling plant at Kesinga , spinning mill at Bhawanipatna, Sugar factory at
Mathura .Similarly the medical college, Doordarshan Kendra , All India Radio and Vedanta are on the verge of closure. It appears that Kalahandi is suffering from a ‘Close down Syndrome’.

The reasons of such closure are varied and many. Sometime it is the apathetic attitude of the government and sometime it is the local resistance a by a few. Incase of the resistance which comes from a few corners, a large segment of the masses prefers development but choose to remain silent as they are not very vocal about the reality on ground. Their voice which should have been otherwise decisive is lost in the louder breeze of protest.

The district has huge resource base, be it Bamboo, Quartz, water, sunshine, wind, precious stones and overall a huge mineral base. All we need is entrepreneurs and capital investment. It is irony of the fate that when
everything is in place the fate of an industry is decided by a few people with support from various other groups which has no role to play in the development of the district so far. An industry was established her with nearly
10,000 crore investment here providing potential for development but no raw material has been provided to the same till date. Where as raw material of our district is given to other industries which have their plant elsewhere
or in some other district. Is not it a matter of concern?

The Kalahandi Development Forum (KDF)herewith propose to play a meaningful role to provide a level platform for development through proper industrialization and converge different stakeholders to express their point of view , share pros and cons for development and contribute their might for the development of the district.

We also resolve to engage in a dialogue with Vedanta and the local people to bring out as constructive synergy for holistic development of the region by meeting them in the month of November 2015.
Today’s meeting was presided by Dr. A.K.Nanda and other key participants like Mr. Uma Shankar Kar, Simanchal Mishra, Ashok Patra , Bhavendra Panda,Umesh Sathpathy , Rahasa Bihari Behera , Dr. Ajaya Kumar Mishra , Abdul Kadir and Saroj Kumar Dash and many other prominent citizens of the region who have extended their support to our cause.
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