Saturday, September 3, 2016

Letter to CM: Thank you for Vedanta group financed Govt. medical college in Kalahandi

Dear Honorable Chief Minister Mr. Patnaik,
I thank you very much and appreciate your initiative to establish a Govt. medical college and hospital in Kalahandi with the finnacial help from Vedanta group. I have been writing to you as well as Vedanta group since 2009 to establish a medical college and hospital with the help of Vedanta group in Kalahandi. I am personally happy that even though in late, the state Govt. has responded positively in this regard. 

If you recall my letter dated on Aug 1, 2011, I had emphasized that "people of Kalahandi were hopeless for the proposed WODC initiated medical college. I also learned that Vedanta's initiative to take WODC initiated medical college in Kalahandi could not be materialised due to other involved private parties. In this circumstance why the state Government is not pursuing to Vedanta to build a fresh medical college and hospital in Kalahandi, one of the demand critic of Vedanta's is also advocating?"

Indeed all the local concerns regarding Sardar Raja Medical college came out to be true and the Sardar Raja medical college did not succeed as expected. I am glad that state Govt. has taken a course correction over this years and reacted positively by bringing Vedanta group to establish a Govt. medical college. This will help in subsidizing local anger against failure of Sardar Raja medical college and fulfill the demand of local people of Kalahandi.

I have also been advocating to engage Vedanta group to establish Vedanta Kalahandi University in the region (a proposal earlier sent to both state Govt. and VAL in 2010) to bring higher education development in the region. Such an University will help in generating quality human resources in the local level and inspire local population towards higher education. Since higher education is directly related to improving living standard and quality of life of people, it will bring greater benefits in KBK region. In addition,  a national standard University by Vedanta group in Kalahandi might give a positive flux to silent critics and help in establishing world class Vedanta University at Puri. 

Establishing educational institutions will have a win-win impact for both Vedanta group, state Govt. and local population in the region.  

Once again my sincere thanks to you on behalf of people of Kalahandi and KBK region.  I hope state Govt. will facilitate more such proposal to bring positive change in the KBK region in quality education and health care facilities. 

With best regards

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