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The Collector  and District magistrate                               Letter No        / 26.01.;15

                                 Sub: Meeting the Chief Minister to submit a memorandum


We, the following people of Kalahandi Sikshya Vikas Parishad desire to meet the Hon’able Chief Minister at Dharamgarh on 27.01.15 to submit a memorandum for the aforesaid subject
                            Sri Baidyanath Misra
                            Prof. Jatin Mund
                           Prof. R.K.Behera
                       Sri Jagannath Mund   and Sri K.V.Deo
There will be no problem anywhere. We hope to be permitted to try for this meeting

                                                                                           Yours faithfully



                       The Hon’able Chief Minister of Odisha
                        Bhubaneshwar                                                             27.01.15
 (Dharmagarh Camp)


          Honorable Sir,
                              We, the people of Kalahndi are grateful to your honor for sanctioning an Engineering and an aAgricuture college for Kalahandi. We had proposed that these colleges should be named  in honor of Prof. Bhubaneswar Behera, an illustrious son of Odisha and maharaja P.K.Deo, avisionary of Odisha. Till jow no decision has been made.

We also congratulate you and your elder brother for dedicating the birth place of our great leader Late Biju Pattnaik and also your birth place to the Nation. This place should be named as BHUMIPUTRA SMRUTI BHAWAN.

We are now submitting a memorandum for our rightful appeal for an AGRICULTURE UNIVERSITY AT KALAHANDI. We hope you will consider our appeal favorably and as usal shall not yield to any pressure group.

                                                                                                         Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                 On behalf of the people of Kalahandi 

                                                                27.01.15                            _________________________________________________________________________

1. In a letter to the Prime Minister, the Hon’ able Chief Minister had argued that Odisha has only one university for agriculture and the workload of this University has gone up substantially in recent years and the state needs one more University.
   2. We were glad that the Hon’ able Chief Minister had taken positive interest in this aspect to establish a Second Agriculture University for the state.
3.     The State government has asked Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) to submit a feasibility report to upgrade the Agriculture College at Kalahandi to Agriculture university in the state as per the suggestion of former union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar
   4. In the election manifesto 2014, BJD has promised to establish 2nd Agriculture University for the state in KBK region.
   5. Immediately after the election we congratulated the the Hon’ able Chief Minister for the large mandate and appealed him to establish the University in Kalahandi. The Agriculture Minister of the state announced the establishment of Agri university in Kalahandi and specifically at Bhawanipatna for which we congratulated him in November 2014 and expressed our gratefulness.
6.     It is an established fact that the existing Agriculture College at Bhawanipatna is an initiative of the Hon’ able Chief Minister Sri Naveen Patnaik. During our appeal for a Central University the Hon’ able Chief Minister clearly said that Kalahandi is in his heart.

a.     Kalahandi is the top most agriculture producer,( mainly paddy, pulses, cotton     etc.) district among the KBK districts
       b. It is among the 25th largest rice producer districts in India.
c.     The agriculture growth of the district is not yet saturated and it is predicted that it can be one of the forefront district in the nation in agriculture growth.
d.     Thuamul Rampur climate is excellent for coffee(in fact good quality coffee was produced but the reasons for mismanagement is not known), floriculture and horticulture. Lanjigarh orange was of excellent quality.
e.     Bhawanipatna is located centrally among all KBK districts and suits the interest for all the KBK districts can be served very nicely.
       f. The proximity of Bhawanipatna to all the existing Regional Research and Transfer Technology Stations and Regional Research and Transfer Technology Sub-Stations of OUAT in KBK and Western Odisha region even demands location of the proposed Agriculture University at Bhawanipatna.
g.     By now, Agriculture College at Bhawanipatna is relatively developed. OUAT has already faculty, staff and students to run an institution at Bhawanipatna, which will help in establishing the new Agriculture University and develop subsequent infrastructure.
      h. Water, electricity and road infrastructure is already available in the existing building. No need to build additional road or electricity and water connection to reach out the new University except that current facilities need to be expanded within in the campus. Agriculture College at Bhawanipatna is located in the township area and neighboring to Bhawanipatna railway station and on\ Khariar-Bhawanipatna , which is being expanded to a 4 lanes through World Bank assistance. It is connected to NH 6 (within 2 km).
    i.   Schooling, marketing and other urban facilities are available from this site. A Central School (KV), three Govt. high schools, two Government colleges and many private schools and colleges are available for the children of faculty and staff within the township
j.        The land available under OUAT campus in Bhawanipatna is in the same range of land area where OUAT main campus is located in Bhubaneswar. If land is the actual concern, there are plenty of lands available adjacent to Agriculture College at Bhawanipatna that Government could easily acquire for the purpose.
k.     There are alternative sites available close to Bhawanipatna town, such as 800 acres of land near by Karlapada, Jaring and other locations.

    a. Most of the Agriculture Universities or Faculties around the world keep their research centers that need substantial farming land in rural campus and undertake teaching and campus housing related activities in the urban campus.
    b.It could be a good idea to keep the teaching campus of the proposed 2nd Agriculture University in the urban location like Bhawanipatna having all the existing facilities for teachers, students and staff and distribute the research centers to various districts in KBK region, which could act as additional campus of the proposed University.
  c. It would be actually a unique idea to start an INTEGRATED UNIVERSITY where students can offer various courses. (Ex. University of California Davis Campus)
                                                      On behalf of the people of Kalahndi

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