Friday, February 12, 2016

Junagarh MLA to Play Cameo

The New Indian Express, Feb 12, 2016
JUNAGARH (KALAHANDI):  A pilot, a politician and now an actor, Junagarh MLA Captain Dibya Sankar Mishra is all characters rolled into one.
The MLA would soon be seen in a cameo role in ace film director Sabyasachi Mohapatra’s latest ‘Pahada Ra Luha’ (Tears of Mountain). Mishra will be playing Commando Nandan, who leads the fight against Maoists.
At a time when silver screen idols are jumping into politics to cash in on their popularity, Mishra has taken a plunge into films with a purpose.
Talking to ‘Express,’ Mishra said the idea behind his acting in the film is to reach out to the people and convey the message that Maoists are not friends but are out there to exploit and terrorise innocent tribals in the name of social justice.
After churning out two critically-acclaimed films in a row, ‘Sala Budha’ and ‘Aadim Vichar’, ‘Pahada Ra Luha’ also deals with problems of ethnic communities and the changes in their lives due to displacement and mining.  It is learnt that to add twist to the story, by including the Maoist angle, Mishra has been launched in a cameo role.

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