Saturday, February 6, 2016

Solar Care For School

Tathya.in2016-Feb-04 | Bhubaneswar
Inmates of the Residential School at far flung Thuamul Rampur are happy with installation of Solar Plant on the Roof Top of the School Building.
This will help them out to Read and Write in the evening hours on a hassle free manner.
Thanks to the Initiative Chandrasekhar Mishra, Managing Director of Crux Power, who has taken pain to set up roof Top Solar Plant in a backward Block of Kalahandi, which is also one of the most backward regions of theState.
The Institution run by  Siksha Vikash Samiti is home to about 163 students and 17 members of staff. It provides its wards with hostel accommodation and three square meals each day, but the scarcity of power and clean drinking water are major hurdles for their education and livelihood. 
With no electricity, students depend on kerosene lamps which negatively impact their health as well as study routine. 
The only source of water is from the adjacent river of Indravati that often tends to dry up. With the shortage of water, toilets, bathrooms and suitable sanitation arrangements are under constructed and are not completely installed.
To address these obstacles of the school, Crux Power initiated the usage of alternative energy – Solar Power. 
The lighting and electrical power support for classrooms and hostel was to be provided through a 5kWp off- Grid roof top solar power plant. 
Secondly, an RO based water Purification system of 1000 Liters Per Hour would be set up to cater the needs of the students and also the resident villagers nearby. Along with it, an overhead tank was to be constructed to meet the sanitation need of the students. 
Cleantech Initiative – an initiative by Seva International, a survey was conducted by Crux Power that resulted in the proposal for the 5kWp Solar Power Plant to operate all major loads including fans, CFL Lights and Computer, Television provision in the hostel and school. 

Cleantech led by Swayam Baral tried to develop this project, which would help developing an eco-friendly and disease free environment for the students and staff at the residential school in the Kalahandi district.

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